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 Applying To Be A Staff/Trainee

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PostSubject: Applying To Be A Staff/Trainee   Thu Mar 09, 2017 11:32 pm

Hello and Good Morning To People that Reading this. Today , i would like to talk about applying for a staff/trainee. I
will answers all the question that u guys need to be a staff. Hope i will be accepted as a staff Very Happy

IGN/username : TryhardGaming
Age : 17
From : Singapore

1.Do You Speak Any Other Languages? ( apart from english )

Answer : Yes, i did speak Singapore , Chinese, and for now im learning mexico language.

2.How long have you been playing on the server and how did you find the server?

Answer : i've been playing for a long time and probably like 4 months and i did found the server from typing on the website ' Minecraft Singapore Server List '. And the First Time i joined the server i met this guy named Simoc_0 . he taught me every informations about the server. so i've already known all the rules and other stuffs.

3.How Many Hours/Minutes can you contribute to play a day?

Answer: For Sunday - Thursday, i will only online at night time for Singapore cause i have school at the morning. But at Weekends, i can play like 13 or 14 hours per day. Yeah ik , i doesnt stop playing minecraft xD.

4.Do You Have Any Experience on being staff a Minecraft Server?

Answer: Yes I've been a staff for a long time in server named JartexNetwork. And i've also been an admin in the server made by a youtuber named TGO_ 2 but the server closed.So i've been experienced a staff on 2 servers.

5.What Would You Do when a problem persists on the server?

Answer:I've also good at muting/banning people according to what their error.So , i can handle all the error/mistakes that all the players did.

6. How Will u help Graveyard to improve?

Answer: The way i will help this server improve is to help fix all the bugs/errors in this server. Apart from that, i also gonna make a youtube channel and i will link Graveyard server ip in all videos i made. So , There's gonna be a lot more people joining the server.

[I think thats all the questions that i can answered to be a staff in this server. I hope u guys will like all my answers that proving i can be a staff on this server . So , thats it for this thread . Thank You! Very Happy.]

My Skype: Ameer Razin Ahmad Fauzey [ Hotel_Makar already added me Very Happy ].
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PostSubject: Re: Applying To Be A Staff/Trainee   Sun Mar 12, 2017 12:41 pm

Your playtime must be more then 12 hours..

Thread locked as apply application has been answered


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Applying To Be A Staff/Trainee
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