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 Applying for Trainee :(REPOST AFTER A WEEK)

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PostSubject: Applying for Trainee :(REPOST AFTER A WEEK)   Sat Jun 17, 2017 3:16 am

IGN/Username: TheXtinct0
Timezone/Country your living in:
Answer : I'm living in Singapore, And my timezone is Answer :Singapore(GMT+ 8 Kuala Lumpur,Singapore)

Do you Speak another language?
Answer: Yes, i Speak two languages Malay & English.

How long have you been playing on the server and how did you find This Server?
Answer:I found it on top minecraft server and invited my friend(JohnMcSwag) to play with me on this server. Lately i have been enjoying this server and its games ive met some people even made friends with moderators and admins Smile

How many hours/minutes can you contribute to play a day?:
Answer: I have been playing for like 12 hours or more. Other than that i am mostly active.

Do you have any experience on being staff on a Minecraft server?
Answer:No but i have experience in creating an unofficial server and played it with my friends and also experienced in some commands.

What would you do when a problem persists on the server?
Answer: i would find a solution and solve it no matter how hard or long it takes.I will thrive and do my very best to solve this problem and on my second thoughts, ill contact the admins or moderators.

How will you help Graveyard to improve?
Answer:By fixing the lag and bugs and mostly suggest or create exciting new games like for example: [tntrun,capture the flag, dancing game(stand on colour if not, killed) and craft race]For players to enjoy and have fun with their friends

thank you for reading this and i hope you consider this alien
Please Note that this is a repost thank you Surprised
Another Note that i can play from 7pm - 10am(GMT+ 8 Kuala Lumpur,Singapore) Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Applying for Trainee :(REPOST AFTER A WEEK)   Sat Jun 17, 2017 2:58 pm

"A week?"
I only see 5 days,where did your a week come from?

Thread locked as apply application has been answered


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Applying for Trainee :(REPOST AFTER A WEEK)
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