Applying for Trainee at Graveyard Network

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Applying for Trainee at Graveyard Network

Post by skippy681 on Wed Aug 02, 2017 12:34 am

IGN: skippy681
Age: 13
Country: New Hyde Park, NewYork
Languages that I speak: English

I been playing for this server about 1 month and a half and I have alot of experience with Being a staff member and Helping out. I found this server at Youtube and a Minecraft advertisement server webpage.I have high experience in OpPrison.

I contribute at least 4 hours a Day on The minecraft server. Sometimes I can't play because My parents are divorced and I need to go out with my Dad on the weekends. Im more active on the week days more than the weekend. I am Glad to be on your server 24/7 and Helping out.

I have high experience of being a Staff member on another minecraft server. I banned 4 players without even applying for Helper and I reported them on the forums. I can be understandable with my actions I take and do and with my Powers and Permissions I have with being a Staff member. I have discord and Skype. I use that more to communicate with the Staff Team.

What I would do If I see someone that has a Question Regarding with the minecraft server. I would answer their question and Tell them what to do. If a player has any Reports of any Hackers, Abusers, Spammers, Advertisers. I would go in /vanish and I would check them off and see If their doing anything bad. If they are doing something bad in any game I would ban them for Hacks or Abusers. I would Mute players that are Spammers or Advertisers. If there was /warn In the game I would do that first then If They don't listen to me I would Mute them or tempban them for How long They tried to doing anything bad on the server.

I will help Graveyard Improve by Finding any Hackers or Abusers and I will ban or warn them. I would help the Head Builders for what to build. I would be active and I would Give players a Tutorial on the minecraft server If They are new to the server. I would have good English in the Chat. I would be Kind to each others. I would mute any players that Tries to say this --> "Killyourself Man Just go Die". I would mute them for saying that because thats verbal bullying in minecraft instead of Real life. That could be more worst If I don't punish that Player.

I hope you accept me as Trainee apart of your Staff Team on Graveyard Network!.
Im Glad to apply for Staff.

Sincerely ~ skippy681


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Re: Applying for Trainee at Graveyard Network

Post by SahrulGamerz on Tue Oct 31, 2017 7:01 pm

User Not Active Anymore And No Confirmation From Admin
Thead No Longer Active!
Thread Closed!


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