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 Apply for Trainee, Helper or Mod

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PostSubject: Apply for Trainee, Helper or Mod   Tue May 08, 2018 11:04 am

IGN/In Game Name: UltimateTeam123
Age: 14
Timezone/Countries that you are living at: Vietnam, GMT:+07:00
What is your gender: male
What's your current condition:
Can you record?: No, I can't.
How many languages you can understands/speak?
I can only understand two languages (include my country language)
What position are you wishing to be in our server? Trainee, Helper and Mod

What's your past experiences?
I used to be staff on 3 difference servers and all of them are good but they are closed. (Also I owned a server but I gave up on it).

Are you all good with dealing toxic users?
I'm not really good at all.

Do you have a discord? If you do, please say your username and tags.
Yes, I have. My username and tag is Ultimate#1123.
Why do you want to apply for Trainee rank in our server?
Because I want to help other players and make server better.

How will you benefit us if we accepts you as our Trainee?
More players.

What's your opnion to our Trainee rank?
I don't much about it.

Trainee is the lowest in power rank in our server, if there is someone higher in power insults and flame you at the same time. What will you do?
I won't say nothing and report the person who insulted and flame me to higher staff than him.
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PostSubject: Re: Apply for Trainee, Helper or Mod   Sat May 12, 2018 2:24 pm

Application Rejected
 Thread Locked!
Your application has been submitted with lack of details and unacceptable experience.

Please work a bit harder on your Application with the given reasons. You can re-post your Application at next week!
Reviewed by CrazyJien the Head Admin of the GraveYard  bounce
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Apply for Trainee, Helper or Mod
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