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PostSubject: Application   Fri Jun 01, 2018 2:12 pm

IGN/In Game Name:
Age: [Must be 12+]
Almost 13
Timezone/Countries that you are living at:
What is your gender:
How long can you spent your time in our server:
As Long As i Want which is 4 to 5 hours
Can you record?:

Do you speak good English? If you do, please show us your level of the English and Grammar.
:Yes Ask Andy

What languages you can speak and understand? (Apart from English)

Do you have a discord? If you do, please say your username and tags.
:Yes. theBraderz#8610

What social media do you have that we could able to contact with you
:yea ask andy he knows

What's your experiences of becoming a Staff members on any Minecraft Server?
:i have become a staff member in 2 server but were close down

Are you good at Users moderation and Server management? Which one you are more experienced on it?
[Be honest!]
:Although im a staff member in the 2 server im not experienced on both of them i think 50%

What benefits do we get by accepting you as one of our staff members?
:Able to be online if one of the Staff member is unable to get on in minecraft

Why should we approve you as one of our staff members?
:Although this is a application it is not my choice to get approve or not as i am not in charge and its your own choice if u want to accept me or not

Do you think that you are worth to be accepted as a Trainee/Trial on our server.Why and why not?
:Yes as i can learn alot of stuff and try to progress myself to get promoted to the rank that i deserve

[Additional Questions]
You can decide to answer these questions or not. If you answer these, it might increase the chance of getting accepted. There is no correct answer, the answers are all up to you.

Smile What is the most important commands for our Staffs member:

Smile Between Admin and Senior Admin, what's the differences of their ranks:
Senior Admin is when the person have been an admin for a longer time then a admin
Very Happy If you are an Admin, there is a Head Admin asked you to go to other servers. Would you go to other servers. Why or why not?:
Yes.As that person is the Head Admin Which Have A Higher Rank Then a normal Admin

lol! If there is a group of Japanese users joined our server, they wanted to know more about this server but they do not understands English. What will you do?
I go google translator and tranlate english to japan
lol! When you joined a server, you saw there is a sign a front of you in the spawn. It writes "Hello, noob f*ker!" but there is an users punching on you (you're on gmc). Would you take that users as the person who placed that sign and warn him? Why or why not. [an IQ questions XD]
No. As there is no evidence that the person did it.....
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PostSubject: Re: Application   Sat Jun 02, 2018 5:55 pm

Greetings, applicant. It's Head Administrator here to announce your result!

Your application result is...
Servers staff rank that applicant has applied for:
Faction = Accepted
Prison = Denied
The applicant grammar has a bit of problem to understand that what is he speaking, but according to his experiences it's quite good to be accepted. He is one of AndyTanMC friends, I wish that AndyTanMC will moderate his staff propelly, looking forward to it!
The Faction server rank has been accepted by AndyTanMC and CrazyJien because we wish to have a staff that could spend time on monitor the server while it's opened. The Prison server rank has been denied by CrazyJien, according to applicant experiences again. I seen that he is always relying on the AndyTanMC not really on me or other staffs for giving him a comfortable and suitable seat for him to enjoy in our server, I have decided to deny his Prison server staff rank application. Sorry!

Application Thread reviewed. Closed
I will tell you the duration of your Trainee/Trial period in game.

Last edited by Jien on Sat Jun 02, 2018 6:06 pm; edited 5 times in total (Reason for editing : Another Colour code problems)
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Join date : 2018-05-06
Age : 15
Posts : 11
Location : Malaysia

PostSubject: Re: Application   Thu Sep 13, 2018 12:38 pm

The following user is no longer active in server.
His rank will be taken away for the inactivity.When the users is back to ask for rank recovery, rank will be regenerated for him.

~Head Administrator of GraveYard Jien~ :3

The world of unfairness has fully covered my soul.
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PostSubject: Re: Application   

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