How To Submit A Map

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How To Submit A Map

Post by Hotel_Makar on Thu Aug 04, 2016 11:37 pm

Make Sure It Is In Zip/Rar file! How To Submit Your Map You Made In SinglePlayer:
Step 1: Close Minecraft
Step 2: Press The Window Button And Search %appdata%
Step 3: Once You Are In %appdata% Click .minecraft
Step 4: Click The Saves Folder
Step 5: Right Click The World You Want To Submit
Step 6: Click "Add to archive.."
Step 7: Click Rar or ZIP File (DO NOT Click Rar5!)
Step 8: Click OK
Step 9: upload the map to me in any way you want.

---For Those Who Don't Know Where / how to upload the map--
Step 1: you should have the zip / rar file.
Step 2: go to
Step 3: Register And Login To Your Account
Step 4: Click Upload
Step 5: Click From Computer
Step 6: Now Just Drag Your Zip / Rar file into the big + Box
Step 7: Click Begin Upload And Wait
Step 8: Once It's Complete Click Copy Link And Submit A New Thread And Paste The Link!

It Is To Submit In This Way:

Your Username:

What Game Is This Map For:

Map Link:

Map Name(Optional):



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