Trainee Application

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Trainee Application

Post by AdidasLP on Sun Dec 04, 2016 2:02 am

IGN - AdidasLP

Age - 13

Timezone/Country your living in - Czech Republic.

Do u speak any other language ? - Yes, Czech.

How long you have been playing on the server and how did u find the Server ? - Something About 4 - 7 Days.

How many Hours/Minutes can you contribute to play a day ? - 3 - 6 Hours.

Do u have any experience on being staff on a Minecraft Server - Yes.

What would you do when a problem persists on the server? - I will try to find Any Admin and tell it to him.

How will you help Graveyard to improve? - I will be Righteous, I will ensure that one does not violate the rules
And when anyone Hacking i will Ban him,If I'm Unsure If they Are Hacking I Will Pay Attention To Them.

By AdidasLP (My playtime is 27 Hours and 57 Minutes.)


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Re: Trainee Application

Post by Hotel_Makar on Sun Dec 25, 2016 3:18 pm

1: You are not active enough and you play less then 3 - 6 hours a day.

Thread locked as apply application has been answered.


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